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Gold Hog Gold Mining Concentrates

You Pick the Gold Bags

You decided how much gold you want.

Each bag is the same BASE CONCENTRATE amount and material. Approximately just under one quart (3 cups) of crushed ore with dredge concentrates mixed in. We carefully measure the gold you want and add it in.  The "base material" is low grade yield so that amount you order will be very close. We ONLY SHIP to the US.

For the money... one of the BEST yielding concentrates on the market.

Our gold comes from various regions of the US but mostly from the southeast. You can see us (above) cleaning some of the gold prepping to dry it.

Please note... the DROP DOWN for gold selection amount may not work if you don't use Google Chrome or IE as a web browse.

Amount of Gold

You pick the amount of gold.

The gold is CAREFULLY measured by us and added to low grade cons.  There will be a mix of gold sizes. From "flour gold" VERY fine dust, to small pickers and little nuggets.

- U.S. Orders ONLY.
- All orders are shipped within 2 business days.
- All orders ship via USPS priority mail.
- Shipping is a flat rate of $7.50
- Most bags do NOT have gems like our old
  bags, but keep an eye out.



To get ALL the gold... you need to be able to pan FINE GOLD.












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