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The New DROP-IN Commercial Sluice Trays

Our new "Hog Droppers" are the first ever expandable, drop-in sluice trays that can be used for quick material tests in the TOP of the sluice, or as a tailings checker at the END of a sluice. 

*** The trays COME WITH MATS PRE-MADE and installed.***


Each tray is just under 12" wide allowing trays to be bolted together (pre-drilled holes) and expanded from 24" to 36" or 48" wide. Simply insert into your current sluice and clamp or bolt trays to the sides.
Top of the trays have a BEND OVER lip which not only keeps the matting in place but also creates a strong vortex for gold collection / depositing.

Used in the top of your sluice... (In the first SMOOTH area of flow)
In the top trays we use a more aggressive matting combination to focus on a wide variety of gold sizes. Most are made with Trimmed Riverhog - Talon - and Mud Mat.  The trays can be pulled MID-RUN by simply stopping the feed, letting water run clear, and lifting the front end up.

Used in the bottom of your sluice...
In our bottom trays we smoother flow mattings to check for losses of fine gold. From previous testing data these trays can often may for themselves in 1-3 runs. However, what's even MORE valuable than the GOLD... is the information / feedback / results that the operator can get.

For US customers:

The price is $187 per single tray with MATTING INCLUDED. (Example: 3 trays to make a 36" wide tray would be $561) Shipping via UPS is $19 per single tray.

Outside the US:

Please see the MYUS program on the international page>>>  HERE

Upper Aggressive Tray - 5-7 business days

Upper Tray Aggressive $187 + $19 shipping

Lower Tailings Tray 5-7 business days

Lower Tailings Tray $187 + $19 shipping

Upper Aggressive Tray - 5-7 business days








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