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Watch out, the gold is falling, and it’s heavy…
Understanding your “enemy” is key to battle.  Understanding your prey is key to successful hunting.  You get my point. You have to understand GOLD if you are going to find it.  
First, understand that gold is the heaviest thing that will be running through your box. (Unless you’re hitting streaks of iridium or platinum. That was “humor” by the way.)
 Next understand that gold falls VERY quickly through water.  If you take a 1.5 grain picker (not round) and drop it into 12” of still water, the fall rate will AMAZE you.  Funny thing is there are people (including manufacturers) that have been prospecting for years and years and never done this.  There are TONS of variants that will change the fall rate, mostly shape, but let’s just say that a picker about that size will travel through 12” of water in about .39 seconds. That’s fast.  A smaller piece of gold that weighs .5 grains may only take .6 seconds. Still fast.  Yes, the shape of the gold will change the fall rate as well as other variants, but you get my point and let’s keep it simple. It falls fast and even surprised us.
*** Note: Previous studies have shown the measured fall rates.  Example:  a round gold sphere that is one 1/8” will fall approximately 47” per second.   

We want you to retain this info for later on in the report. Just remember, GOLD IS VERY HEAVY and falls very fast. 

The shape of gold…
I want you to look at this awesome nugget we found.

I think I will have made into a piece of jewelry for my wife.

The only problem?

This is not a “nugget” in the normal sense, or as many see it currently in their minds.

This is actually a speck of gold, and here it is again on penny next to another.

My point… gold “nuggets” are pretty much ALL sizes of gold you find. Due to the density of gold as well as being very soft, it takes the “nugget form” at just about any size.  Will you see flat gold? Yes, but you will also see flat gold nuggets that weigh close to 1/4 an ounce.  Why is this very important? Because this tells us that regardless of the size of the gold, it takes different shapes, many of which lend themselves to being “captured”.  Yes, you will see some “round nuggets” that want to roll, and flat nuggets that want to “swim”. However, most gold “shapes” lend themselves to aid in “capture”.  Just imagine if you we trying to capture BBs all day.

So, we want you to change your mind set. Don’t view VERY small gold as “powder”. View it as tiny nuggets that can be caught fairly easily if your equipment is set up correctly. 

Does Gold Float? …… You bet it does….
Gold is hydrophobic. 

Description: drops.jpgI included this picture to better help you understand. Rather than posting a picture of floating gold, this picture might help by thinking backwards.  Pretty simply stated… water doesn’t “stick” to gold, or “wet” the surface.  The “surface tension” of STILL water is quite strong.  Add something that is hydrophobic / expose it to this surface and it may be grabbed by this tension and float.  However, DON’T get hung up on this or think a bunch of gold is “floating” down your sluice box.  We found very little evidence of this. The most frequent time people see this is during the panning stage. The water surface is very still and undisturbed. (Even though you are shaking or moving the pan.)  Tip your pan backwards and allow the gold to TOUCH the surface / expose it to air. Gold will often take off floating around.  However, in a “sluicing” situation there is quite a bit of turbulence / broken surface  area.  Also, gold rarely is exposed to the “surface” once it enters into the slurry mix.  (Again, it falls quickly.)  So, our OPINION is that one shouldn’t worry too much about gold floating out of a sluice.  Instead worry more so about this during any “finishing work”. Example: Add an agent to your panning water box.   





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