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Gold Hog - How to Install Sluice mat

How to install Gold Hog sluice mats.

There are SEVERAL WAYS to install and use the sluice mats.
Each person will have to vary the install based on their own equipment, spacing and ability to modify if needed.  However, once done, most find the effective gold recovery rate increases greatly. 

All our mats are 36" WIDE and 6" long.
This can be confusing.
The customer cuts the matting to their sluice width and assembles their
mat to the proper length.  ALL our mats interchange with common
interlocking male and female ends.

New 2015 Quick Tip Video REALLY helpful.



The MAIN.... HOW TO video.

Very in-depth video. The segments are broken down below it.


Start...Making and gluing mats. Through 32:00

Making test tapes for sides: 13:49

How to put on side tape: 29:25

Temporary mat config with no glue: 32:00

Working with taller mats, Scrubber and RiverHog: 34:51

Trimming the RiverHog Riffle: 39:43

Making Wide mats and Commercial mats: 43:30

Attaching mats in your sluice: 52:55

Cleaning mats: 54:09

What mat to use: 55:38


What kind of glue to use?

Gorilla SUPER GLUE, not the regular Gorilla glue. At the shop, with experienced mat makers, we use Loctite SUPER GLUE. It bonds within 6 seconds so if you do use it, be careful.
See it here>>> GLUE LINK

What tape to use?

See the right tape here>>>> TAPE LINK












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