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Gold Hog - Layers of Gold

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Using the LAYERS to your advantage…

(You’ll see later on that this section has a huge impact on your setup.)
OK, so we learned that the mix quickly enters into is “layers” stage in the sluice box.  So what layer should we focus on? Correct, the one with gold in it, the bottom layer, undisturbed.  Since gold settles quickly and we have it near the bottom, let’s keep it there and work it for a while.
Through our research we figured out that working this “lower layer” in a gentle manner / undisturbed, allowed us to catch more gold higher up in the box. (Which was our goal.)  So, we designed a “low turbulence scrubbing mat”.  This mat disturbs the levels very little in the mix. It gently scrubs the lower level capturing gold without throwing it back up in the upper levels.  (Something done by most riffles.)
Remember how we came to this…
Gold is heavy, sinks fast.
The “MIX” remains in three parts, the gold is in the lower part.
Common sense, work the lower part without disturbing it.    

Let’s explain how we do this and each function of the mat.

(Get ready for your head to hurt.)

Yes, we used every part of the mat to serve a purpose.
A- Small “V” grooves slightly slow down very heaviest of material before the lifting phase.  Prevents “launching them” into the upper layers. 

B- Gentle lift ramp. Not a sharp riffle or edge. This allows us to gently lift bottom material slightly without “throwing it” upwards.

C- Leveling ramp. Allows the heavies to now be traveling straight down the bed, vs. traveling upwards. Kind of like driving off a cliff vs. using a RAMP to jump a row of trucks.  (That’s scientific redneck stuff.) 

D and E- Combination of gravity drop ledge and gentle vortex.  Gold will immediately fall downward, and a gentle vortex will assist the heaviest materials downward.  The “V” grooves allow open cleaning to remove light material.  Gold now sitting on these grooves, is no longer in the “full current” of the water flow. 

F- Miniature riffles. These mini riffles help catch finer gold particles that didn’t make the “fall” of the first ramp. They are pulled downward and stored in the wash holes.

g- Settling steps. These reverse angled steps once again settle material allowing gold to hold and fall into settle gaps.  

Like I said, we never thought so much work and thought could go into 6” of matting. However this “low turbulence phase” is VERY important. We believe it is why so many people use expanded metal by itself vs. riffles. It provides a low disturbance, but unfortunately what people put UNDER the expanded metal often loses gold after a short period of time.   This phase we found critical to increasing gold recovery rates.  If you are using expanded metal only, then put the UR Mat under it.







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