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Monster Hog Owner's Manual 




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Use a 1/8" fine screen around your intake hose on your pump.
If you don't, your spray bars will plug up.

Also read the TIPS PAGE

Good video below showing how to use a 3" pump with the Monster.


Assembling Your Monster Hog

We have made updates to the unit that are not shown here "exactly".

Important note: When using a semi-trash pump, surround the intake with 1/8" wire mesh cloth to keep debris from clogging the spray nozzles. You can set intake in the bucket, but this doesn't guarantee it.

1) Take your time, watch the video.
2) Always do a FULL setup before you take to the field.
3) Make sure YOUR hose ends match up with OUR connections.
4) Note that we have tried to make all the bolts the SAME size. This makes it
    easy on you. Only longer bolts are the ones holding the grizzly bars.
5) Use WING nuts where shown, and regular nuts where shown.
6) Use a 1/8th" screen (wire mesh) around your hose intake. This will stop
    spray nozzles from getting clogged with vegetation and gravel. 

First, attach grizzly bars under header box. Make sure they do not extend past the end or you could damage them when lifting the header box up high. MAKE SURE the round bars rest against the bottom of the box. Attach the steel square bar and three bolts. Use lock washers on these wing nuts. NOTE: The steel bar goes between the welded aluminum square bars.

Next, place wood safety block on tray so header box can rest on it. WOOD IS SOFT and will prevent damage. Also, prevents injury should you drop the header box.

Next, attach the header box to the first, larger, tray. Use one bolt and one lock washer. Do NOT put a washer between the boxes.

Next, connect trays. Use only a bolt and wing nut. Trays are larger as they go down in order. The first tray fits inside the next and so on. To make your life easy, leave these bolts on even after break down.

Update.... for below...

You no longer need the washer BETWEEN the two brackets.
We redesigned the brackets and it is no longer needed. 


Next attach the header box leg bracket. USE TWO L-BRACKETS on the main support. This "bumps out" the bracket a bit since the lower tray is slightly larger. Again, we use a washer between the L-Brackets and the swivel bracket.

The lower safety bracket is just "back up". Should the top bracket ever slip, it will keep the box from dropping. It only attaches to the leg. MAKE SURE you see that the L-Bracket is upside down. This allows upper and lower brackets to meet flush.

Next, insert spray bar through hole. Black rubber gasket goes against the metal end cap.

Now, screw the water hose connection piece to hold spray bar in place.
You will notice we have gone to a SIMPLE PVC female end. If you need to change for YOUR hose, it is fairly simple to do.

Threaded cross bar, below, really does not offer support 100% of the time. it is designed as a safety support should you hit the spray bars. Also, it adds rigidness to the main box. EYE SCREWS on the sprayer can be removed for cleaning the spray caps if needed.
SPRAY CAPS ARE GLUED IN... However, we recommend you carry a bottle of super glue with you. With excessive use over the years they could come loose.

Insert your mat ALL the way up. Put holding bar bolts through moss, then through the mat. Attach wing nuts.

UPDATE: Now comes with perf metal as well here.
Doc no longer runs with the moss.

Insert reverse riffle. (This also holds the rubber damper mat not shown.) Press it down against the mat / moss and tighten the nuts. Remember, this will look "funny" because it is backwards from a NORMAL riffle. Note: Push down on the sides, not on the aluminum cross bar.

Insert the legs and align your brackets. The back of your unit, where the big rocks exit, should only be about 12" off the ground. Look at the angle of your legs. With about 8.5 degrees of pitch on the system the legs should look fairly straight. (Perpendicular to the ground.)   We STRONGLY recommend you get a digital angle indicator and a level. Helpful Link about angles: Angle Calc 

Note: included 2" flex hose helps avoid kinks. You should have ZERO kinks in your layflat hose all the from your pump to your unit.

Additional notes...

Should your header box fall when cleaning, installing mat, etc, it will help prevent injury. It also keeps metal off metal. Since wood is softer, it just makes sense to rest your header box on the wood.

Always look for a DOWNHILL slope when setting up the unit.
If you set up the unit on a totally flat area, you may not be able to raise the header box high enough.

Also, if running the matched Champion 2" pump we show, run at full throttle.

If going to a remote area.... BE PREPARED.
Doc takes two engines, two of each hose, and an extra spray bar.
He also takes a few extra bolts and a 1/8" rivet gun.
Have the above with you... you'll never be down for more than 30 minutes.










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