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Gold Hog Mini

Owner's Manual 

Please note... We are updating this page every week with new pictures and videos. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us or ask in the forum.


The Mini Excavator is VERY easy to assemble, transport and use. We will go over a few points below.

Setting up to run:
Set up your mini as shown above. Most start at about 1" per foot pitch.
Put in your mat, then the little Hog Moss square at the top.
Then, slide the punch plate from the back, in-between the header box and the sluice. It will hook on to the back as show below.

Hook up your water supply.
Pour about a gallon of water through the box, then stop.
Look at the sluice and see if the now pooling water is level or pooling to one side.
This is an easy way to level your sluice. Adjust the sluice so water is level in the mats. (Nice little trick.) 

Now, start the water, then run some dirt through the header box.  The water should be moving fast and you should see particles really "dancing" behind the grooves in the mats.  In sluices, faster is better than slower to start.

Pour dirt into the header box an run.
Most people clean the mini about every hour or so.

To clean...
Place a tray under the end of the sluice.
Remove punch plate.
Grab the end of the mat and TWIST so one side releases.
This will allow the mat to slide out easy.
Fill a five gallon bucket with water.
Roll the mat slightly and dip up and down.
Now... REVERSE roll the mat. This means the groove are on the outside and spreading out as you roll. Dip up and down again. You're done.
People are amazed that they will only have about 1-3 cups of cons to work.

Common Questions...

Best pump?

The unit really likes about 3000 - 4000 gph.
It has a 1.5" fitting for a gas pump, as well as two "barbed" fittings for bilge pump hose. (1- 1/8" hose).
If you run electric you can use 2 bilge pumps. Either 1500 or 2000 gph each.
If you use gas pump, it's your choice. Just try and find a pump rated between 3000 and 4000 gph. If you go too high, you won't be able to reduce water flow enough.

Can it dredge?
Yes, we have videos on Youtube showing it running as a 1.5" dredge. That is all it can handle. It makes a GREAT sniping dredge for exposed bedrock. if you want a larger dredge, then don't buy this unit. 
WE DO NOT... sell dredge parts. They are available all over.

Adding the extension?
Some people want to run REAL heavy, or just want to add the extension.
If you buy the extension here is how you install it.

The extension comes with a mat that is too long. This allows the the mat to hang over on BOTH ends. This is for a reason.

- Place the mat in the extension. Make sure it is hanging off both ends.

- Place the mini and the extension on a flat surface, with the extension AND the mat under the mini tray. About 1/2" - 3/4" overlapping.

-  Make sure the mini tray is sitting firmly on the mat in the extension tray. Mark and drill holes. Then attach the extension. You'll notice that the mini tray "pinches" the mat in the lower extension tray. That holds it firmly in place.

Here is a good video showing the basics.












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