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Gold Hog - Sluice Science

We will be posting more and more information from our year long study of riffle and sluice science.  Please check back often.

From Doc... the Founder of Gold Hog....

"It's a HOBBY for us, NOT a living... we enjoy what we do and have enjoyed producing a product that is in our opinion, one of the best and needed for years. We are HAPPY to offer it, but we are not willing to make claims or push marketing that removes us from having fun, at the expense of "selling something". 

Before you begin....

Over a year of research has gone into our studies and it took us places no other research or studies have gone before. We created controlled labs, over 20 sluice beds, testing equipment, high speed video, special lighting, over 120 riffles, 20 sets of expanded metal, and special flow conditions. We tested gold and material from all around the US. 100's and 100's of hours were devoted to this testing and we THANK all those that helped along the way.  We will post MUCH of our findings here, but not all. Some of them are still being used to create new products and technology .

Opinions vs. Facts and observations....
Whenever possible we make the two very clear. There is a bunch of "folklore" / untested opinions in this industry, and we removed them from the beginning stages to go places others have not gone before. We constantly asked WHY or WHY NOT...
Two phrases that extended this study from a couple of months to over a year.

We hope you enjoy and we hope you find more YELLOW in your pan at the end of the day.     

1- Understanding Gold

2- The Small Gold Freak Out

3- Inside Your Sluice - The Slurry

4- Using Layers to Your Advantage

5- Starting to Understand Riffles and Gold

6- Riffle Shapes - Sizes - Flow?

7- Position of the Vortex

8- ARMP - Very Important Process to Understand.

9- Classification of Material

10- Matting: A Key element in the sluice box.

11- Recovery Rates - Gold Hog Matting






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