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Yes, we buy your raw placer gold.

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There are many places to sell your gold, but few that offer the confidence of Gold Hog . We have established a TOP reputation as being someone that is trusted. Our customers are friends and family, not just numbers. We have been in business for over 3 years.

If you would like to sell us your placer gold, please visit www.sellplacergold.com

Common Questions and answers...

What price do you pay?
We pay a % of spot price on the day you SHIP your gold. The post office will scan your package and that is the date we will use for price. (See live chart below.)
We BOTH are locked into that price as a commitment to buy / sell.

What kind of gold do you buy?
We only buy natural placer medium to fine gold. Mostly in the -8 to -100 range. Must be CLEAN and free of dirt, heavies, and non-gold material.
(We do NOT buy smelted gold.)

What about purity discounts?
The great benefit of our service is that we pay spot even though your gold is not pure. Most conventional buying services will reduce the amount based on purity. This means most miners can get more for their gold from us. 

Why should I sell to you and not somewhere like EBay?
If you want to add the "gamble" and risk of selling to buyers you do not know, feel free. It's a free country.  We have a TOP industry reputation and add a HUGE factor of confidence. Trust doesn't have a price, it adds value... but gambling does. 

What size amounts do you buy?

We buy a sample 2 grams for first time sellers. Once we have reviewed the sample sent we will buy larger amounts, up to several ounces.  If you don't know 100% what gold is... DON'T send it to us.  Yes, we have gotten in fake gold before. 

How do I get paid?
You must have a PayPal account. Once your gold is received, weighed and verified, we pay within 48 hours. If rejected, it will be returned.

How do I ship it to you?
You will get instructions after you contact us.





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