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Gold Hog - Small Gold Freak Out

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The Small Gold Freak Out...

We get it… the majority of gold found by prospectors is Placer Gold which is very fine and usually below 1/8”. However, I thought I would share our “nugget story”, or mistake.
We had a pile of material that had been screened to greater than 1/8” material. The lesser than 1/8” had all been run through many systems.  We found good color and were proud of the results. 
Like others talking about their recoveries, we made the same mistake.  “We catch a ton of fine gold so we know our system is effective.” 
As in the field, most of this larger material is discarded or not carefully put through processing equipment.  Yes, maybe a downfall on our behalf, but a growing and common theme through our industry. A total focus and funnel vision on fine gold. At the end of the day we REALLY didn’t feel like running metal detectors over piles and piles of pebbles with a bunch of alerts.  

When we finally invented the Gold Hog UR mat, we decided to run this LARGER material pile through it / over it.  To our surprise on the first run, we found this nugget that had been screened out larger than 1/8”


This is the “wake up” nugget as we call it, or the folklore nugget.
If enough people constantly repeat that all gold found is smaller than 1/8”, and it gets repeated over and over, and passed down to others, it becomes the “fact” when in reality, they are never giving larger gold the chance to be caught, or even run through their systems.  Yes, our study showed that MOST gold found is smaller than 1/16”, but in those same areas / material we also found a few larger pieces.  Maybe it’s only 1% or 2% but I’ll tell you what… that 1% gold sure makes a difference on total weight found.

STRINGER gold is also one of the GREAT things we have started catching. Looks like a very fine wire and is almost always screen out. The UR mat and Scrubber mat both work very well on stringer gold.

We started running ALL our discarded piles and sure enough we found several others. Large FLAKES of gold that were just over 1/8”. Not huge gold, but small pieces that never made it through our system because we never gave them the chance.
Make SURE you are giving gold in the 1/8” - 1/4“ range a CHANCE of being caught. It just may have a "strange shape" and not like some matting as well. 





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