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Viper Highbanker Owner's Manual

*** Important ***

Always set up your Viper at home and at least do a "dry run" to make sure you understand the unit and have all parts needed. Connect the pump and at least pretend you are running. This will ensure you have all the right connections.

Note....There are pictures below.



Tips from Doc on running the Viper.
(Read them as they will really help.)

  1. Transporting... I leave my header box and first tray assembled. Put the wood block in-between the two and load in my truck. Then, I put the lower / last tray upside down on TOP of the header box. MAKE SURE you use a bungee to hold it down or it will go flying down the highway. Then I put the legs and mat inside the unit. This gives me plenty of room in the truck bed. 
  2. Try to always set up the Viper on a slight downhill area. This will avoid the header box angle being so high. The flatter the ground the higher you have to raise the header box. Also, you can stand above the header box and not have to reach so high.
  3. Install the TOP of the mat first or keep the mat TILTED a little when sliding up or down. It fits tight. Make sure the side tape is up on all sides. Then put in blue Hog Moss, then the connection bar through both. 
  4. DON'T lose the small black rubber fitting that comes with your spray bar. They are hard to replace and not cheap. A stupid piece of rubber I know.
  5. ALWAYS start the unit very low to the ground.  Put the top of the sluice about 12" off the ground and the exiting end about 3". The biggest mistake I see people make is to start it off high. Keep it REALLY low.
  6. Buy a level and a DIGITAL angle indicator. LIKE THIS ONE It will allow you to check the pitch of the sluice and level. Set your sluice about 8 degrees on the pitch.
  7. Header box. Set your header box so that MOST of the rocks pass over the grizzly with ease. Once in a while you will have a clay ball or large flat rock hang up, but that is normal.
  8. If you are running the Champion pump we recommend, DON'T be afraid of the water. I have been running the water stronger and stronger. I'm now running about 60% of throttle. WATER IS GOOD...
  9. Adjust your sprayer ends. I like mine to hit about 10 - 12 inches before the end of the box. Make SURE they are equal and even.
  10. I like to run my slurry smooth and even. if bucket feeding, trickle dirt at a steady pace rather than dumping. You'll see the water run smooth like a milkshake.
  11. After shut down, loosen reverse riffle slightly. Allow water to gently drain out.
  12. Put a tub under the end of the sluice. Pull mat gently (give a slight twist if needed to release one side) then roll into the tub. Fill tub with water rinse mat. REVERSE roll the mat. (GROOVES ON THE OUTSIDE). Dip and rinse. Now reverse roll the other way, do the same.
  13. IMPORTANT... SAVE ALL YOUR CONS. There will be gold you can not see with the human eye. Don't pan in the field and discard cons.


Two longer bolts hold the grizzly bars in place with the use of
the square metal tube.

Header box "legs" / tabs go inside the lower tray box.
Use lock washers here.

Always keep nuts and wing nuts on the outside so they don't interfere
with the mat going in and out. 

Zip ties

Rubber gasket holds spray bar firmly in place.

Don't fully tighten leg brackets until you get pitch right of the
sluice. Then get legs perpendicular to the ground and tighten. 

Always tighten both brackets before running. Header box can
get very heavy.

Safety tube should be left in place at all times. Both when running
and transporting. Keeps metal from hitting metal.

Mat goes in first. Then the Hog Moss. Secure with hold down bar.
Then insert reverse riffle.













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