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Viper Pro Flare Owners Manual

Please note: Make sure you see the REGULAR Viper owner's manual for most of the details. This page only addresses the DIFFERENCES in the Pro Flare unit.

Quick points and notes...

The pro flare uses more GPH than the regular Viper. If you use a 2" Champion pump, rated at roughly 9000 gph, the unit likes all the water. (100% throttle) It saves on noise and wear and tear if you get a 3" semi-trash pump. Reduce it down AT THE PUMP and run 2" hoses to the unit. It's not required, but allows you to run the engine at a lower rpm.

In our testing runs we run the unit with the top section roughly at a 7 degree pitch and the lower at a 5 degree. That varies somewhat for user preference but that should be a good starting point.

The flare section dampener mat swivels back and forth some. This allows you to adjust the hang length on the sluice. NOTE... you might need one of those bolts to be slightly longer than the rest. There should be one that is 3/4" long vs. the 1/2" bolts.

Mat slides under the flare and attaches with one bolt.






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