Sluice Extension – Wide Width

Product Description



Due to a Mat shortage, Curently Backstocked until mid-July.

Sluice Specifications: 15.5″ wide x 29.75″ long x 4.25″ tall

Extend Your Possibilities with Gold Hog Sluice Extensions!

Have you been pushing the limits of your current setup? Tirelessly running through materials? Our 30″ Sluice Extension is designed with you in mind. This is the ultimate solution to maximize your material processing capacity and improve gold recovery potential.

What sets our 30″ Sluice Extension apart is its versatility and Gold Hog mating. We understand that every prospector’s needs are unique, and that’s why we’re offering you the flexibility to choose from four distinctive Gold Hog mat configurations, ensuring seamless integration into your existing unit:

Low Flow: Perfect for fine-tuning your setup to capture even the tiniest gold particles, giving you unmatched precision in your prospecting efforts.

High Flow: If speed and volume are your priorities, the High Flow mat configuration will turbocharge your operation, ensuring rapid material processing without compromising gold retention.

Beach Sands: Specifically engineered to tackle beach sands and fine sediments, this mat configuration is a must-have for prospectors who frequent sandy terrains.

Custom Configuration: Tailor your sluice extension to your exact specifications. Craft a mat arrangement that aligns perfectly with your prospecting goals and terrain.

And with the inclusion of the choice between 24 or 38-inch legs, you have the power to adapt the extension to your working environment with ease.

Is one extension not enough?  Purchase the adapter plates to combine sluices together.