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FlowPan ™ 

Changing the way we Pan for Gold

The all new, Patent Pending, FLOWPAN™ is the first gold pan to combine the cross flow exchange of a sluice into a gold pan. It's already being called... THE WORLD'S FASTEST GOLD PAN by those that have used it.


We STRONGLY recommend you read the FULL write up

about the FLOWPAN.   It's located >>>> 


For FULL DETAILS and specks, please see the website



US Orders

Orders are shipped within 1-3 BUSINESS DAYS.

$99 plus $16.85 shipping.

FLOWPANS ship either by UPS or USPS depending on your location. If IN STOCK (CLICK TO CHECK) orders will ship the next BUSINESS DAY.


Orders are shipped within 1-3 BUSINESS DAYS.

$99 plus $39 shipping

Note on Canada orders. The actual COST of postal charges is $44 and we EAT $5 of this to help out on the cost of shipping. It is shipped via USPS priority mail which due to Canada customs is roughly 10 days shipping time. Also, the "TRACKING" on these orders always looks strange so do not rely on it. If you have any issues not to worry just shoot us an email. Thanks.

International Orders -

We ship the FLOWPAN to the following countries:

UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, Germany, France, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand

If you live in a country NOT in the list please use the MYUS program HERE

We actually discount the COST of shipping somewhat to help out.
Shipping is $59 via USPS Priority mail and most orders take 8-12 business days to arrive. You will also be responsible for any taxes and duties when it arrives.

Phone Number is required on international orders.

Enter Phone Number

International orders... please contact us if you want solid sides as there will be an additional shipping charge of $10

Extra Pair of Solid Sides

We also offer the option of extra SOLID SIDES.  Why would you order solid sides?  Some people want to use the FLOWPAN as a tailings checker for their highbanker. Basically you put at the end of you sluice and it creates a fluid bed allowing you to check for losses.  Solid sides have a different HANDLE configuration as well.
Pair of extra solid sides are $28 each pair and should be ordered WHEN ordering you FLOWPAN as we don't charge shipping.

NOTE: Doc does NOT recommend these for most people and they should NOT be used while panning as they do not improve the results or speed. You should ONLY order them if you plan to use the pan as a tailings checker. 


$28 Must be ordered with the FLOWPAN

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