Washer Mat

Stripping Mat in Multi Sluice

Product Description

The NUMBER ONE job of the washer mat is a STRIPPING mat in the Multi Sluice.  However many prospectors now use it on fine beach sands as well.

The Washer Mat is NOT a sluice mat. It is a clean up matting that can be used to make a cleanup sluice or convert a highbanker into a final clean up machine. This mat MUST be run at some fairly strict flows and we have had some great help from field testers. Best results come from 80-100 gallons per inch of flow and 7-10 degrees of pitch.

You feed your cons slowly over the matting and within minutes you reduce them down roughly 90% in volume and capture 95% of your gold.

Warning… this gets a little confusing unless you watch the videos.

Again… this is NOT a sluice mat. We strongly suggest you watch the videos made by us and the field testers. Most capture 95% + of their gold on the first run with little to no classifying and reduce the cons down to by 90%. No more hours and hours of cleaning. Now it takes only minutes!

Product Specifications

Not a Sluice Mat!

36" WIDE x 6" long