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Please don’t hesitate to write us at office@goldhog.com and one of our mining specialists will respond within 24 hours.

We take all forms of online payments. Debit cards, credit cards, AMEX, PayPal funds, Amazon Pay, and more . When you check out you will have MANY payment options. NOTE: We do not take MAIL IN payments, only online payments.

No. Never have and never will….

We do not sell any pre-made mats to size. Every mat needs to be made with the sluice PRESENT while making it. EVERY sluice is slightly different and even sluices made by the same manufacturer will vary slightly as they come off the line. It’s the nature of METAL and bending it. You cut ONE section and fit it into your sluice, then cut the next. WHY? Because sluices can vary in size also from the top and bottom. That’s why every mat needs to made with the sluice PRESENT as it is made. We understand that buying MULTIPLE mats can get expensive, but you can often get great performance by selecting one or two mats that match your needs. Watch this video.

Yes, once your order ships you will get an email with tracking info, however give it until after 6pm that day for it to enter into the tracking system.

Most NON-Highbanker orders ship the next business day. Most highbanker orders ship in 1-3 business days. SuperHogs take 2-5 business days to ship.

This page, WHAT MATS TO USE , explains it all.

We do not have a retail location, we only sell online and have for 7+ years shipping to 35 countries. We do not have dealers.

In over 10 years of business we have NEVER taken a single phone call, but we offer some of the best customer support in the industry. Why is that? Because we work with miners in 30 countries it is impossible to take 100s of phone calls at all hours of the day. It would take a staff of nearly 10. Instead we offer AWESOME email support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Yes, email us Christmas morning and you’ll get an answer in 2-24 hours. All emails are reviewed by TWO real people to decided the correct person to answer. EXAMPLE: We don’t want a “office manager” answering questions about GOLD MINING and neither do you.

We do not. We have found time and time again, that if you place an order the normal way… it often arrives quicker or in the same time frame as trying to expedite it. (TRUST US) The required email exchanges, payments for extra shipping, etc, all can add days to shipments. If you would have just ordered the product NOW… it ships and arrives fairly quickly.

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