Piglet Mini Highbanker

Product Description

Standard Piglet Mini highbanker Info:

Most “minis” really perform like toys… the Gold Hog Piglet performs like a small WASH PLANT.  It can run 2-3 times the dirt that other minis do and is VERY lightweight and portable.  Watch the video below for all the details and see the ADD-ONS below.

The Piglet Mini highbanker is a small unit with the design features of our larger equipment. Best of both worlds.  Comes with matting pre-made and installed.  Simply use any 1.5″ or 2″ water pump that has a min rating of 3500 GPH. (We do not sell pumps or hoses – see our pump specs below.)  You can add the extension, or flare extension later on if you want to run larger amounts of pay.  Only 20 pounds and easy to transport.

Piglet Mini highbanker Extension:

This extension is custom made and hand finished in our shop. All holes are drilled and the unit is assembled. We also include nuts and bolts to attach to your mini. Simply drill 1/4″ holes at the end of your mini.

The Piglet Flare

Piglet Flare Specs

– All matting is pre-made and included.
– Approximately 36 pounds field weight, including the matting.
– Upper sluice is 8″ wide, lower is 12″ wide.
– Both upper and lower sluices are 36″ long, middle flare connection is roughly 14″ long.
– Overall length is roughly 82″
– Ships in one box with a shipping weight of roughly 44 pounds.
– Water / pump requirements.  Runs best at 4000 – 6000 GPH with a PSI of 40+ (Watch the video)
– 1.5″ pumping attachments on the header box.  You can easily adapt to 2″ with simple plumbing from Home Depot or Lowes.
– The CLAY CLAW is an option, and can be purchased separately with the accessories.

The Whole Hog Package

– Piglet Mini Higbanker
– Clay Claw
– Flare Extension
– Stream Conversion Head for Flare
– 6 Legs
– All Matting

Now you can have EVERYTHING you need all in one package.
Run the Piglet as a 36″ mini… or add the Flare for a high production unit… or disconnect the flare and add the stream sluice head to run as a stream sluice.

Back Pack Straps

← Click to see on Amazon, about $12




You can get this style handle at Lowes or Home Depot.

We attach with 1/4″ small bolts.


Reducing 2″ water pump to 1.5″ headerbox fitting.


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