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Gold Hog - How to Measure for Mats

All our mats are 36" WIDE and 6" long. This can be confusing.
The customer cuts the matting to their sluice width and assembles their
mat to the proper length.  ALL our mats interchange with common
interlocking male and female ends.

New to our matting?
This free book may help also.


This "seems" easy enough, but can get confusing.
So, we want you to think in terms of "half feet" or 6 inches.
Since our mats are approximately 6" long, for every foot of sluice bed, you would need 2 cut pieces of mats.
You'll see in the example below, we are building a 3 foot long sluice bed.
That means we need 6 sections of the mat. (3 feet times 2 = 6)
Then since our sluice is 10" wide, we multiply 6 sections times 10".
That means we need 60" of mat.
We then divide 60" by 12" and get 5 feet.
The mats are sold in 36" sections so you would need two of them.

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