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Multi Sluice


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Boar Box



Mini Stream Sluice

Stream Sluice

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Piglet Mini Highbanker


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Wave Mat



Stream Sluice

Stream Sluice

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GoldHog® has been the leader in innovation for many years, changing the way miners and gold prospectors recover gold EFFICIENTLY. WE DON’T MAKE TOYS… we make heavy mining and prospecting equipment for both the prospector and professional mining industry.

Based out of Georgia, GoldHog® makes 100% of its equipment in the USA. We have three primary facilities. A High Tech metal shop, mat-making / extrusion facility, and our main fulfillment facility are all in the USA.

Doc credits much of his success to having great employees that care. Without them, the business would be a burden. He also has a mind that wants to think outside the box and try things that SHOULD fail or make no sense. Only through pushing the boundaries of success and failure can you truly understand what works and does not.

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Shipping Weights

Matsestimated 3.6 pounds per mat (Ex: 10 mats would be 36 pounds)
Multi Sluice21 pounds
Stream Sluice27 pounds
Stream Sluice + Power Pig29 pounds
Boar Box30 pounds
Mini Stream11 pounds
FlowPan5 pounds
FlowPan with Con Box10 pounds
Piglet30 pounds
Mini Extension13 pounds
Piglet Flare Extension23 pounds
Piglet Stream Sluice Conversion Flare7 pounds
Z336 pounds
Raptor Flare61 pounds
Raptor Flare Extension22 pounds
Super Hog 2 boxes65 pounds and 66 pounds = 131 pounds TOTAL

Shipping Lead Times

Mats ship out within 1 business day

Metal Products ship 3-6 business days

Super Hog only ships in 6-8 business days

Typical Shipping Times

Domestic: 3-7 business days

International: 7-14 business days