2019 Highbanker Update

Written by DOC

2019 Raptor Flare and SuperHog Update

When designing both these units we felt the FLOW BREAK bar on the small flare out area was needed. (See below)

Some recent testing challenged that thought process and now we are changing that design.  The purpose of this bar was to slow down the water some from the more narrow upper section of the sluice and force it to flare out.  However, recently we figured out it might be better to let the SLICK PLATE on the flare, do its slick plate thing and keep the gold settling.  Right now the gold has to go over the bar, or around it.

Doc has been testing the design without the bar and feels that the unit runs better without it and the flow is actually a bit more even. (below the bar has been removed)

As of Jan 24th… units will be shipped with no bar and either rivets placed in those holes or no holes in that area. 

Make this change to your unit? 

If you want to make this change, simply drill out the rivets with a 1/8th” drill bit.  Remove the rivets and the bar. Make sure your dampener mat is in good shape and test the flow.  If you want to GO BACK to the old way you can, but again, we have been testing now for some time and Doc feels the change is for the better.