FlowPan Field Results from Customers

Written by DOC

Great forum post, thought I would share it.
Thanks James.

I’ve been greedy and keeping this secret to myself and just working away but I might as well share as it will get out eventually. It’s a pan as pans go this is awesome. Gravity works and with the grooves in the mat it works even better.

I got my flowpan in January when the water was still high, too high to be out standing in it with the sounds of rocks banging and grinding against each other. I found a back pool to play in but it had no water flow.

Well it’s a pan I say to myself and started playing with it swishing it back and forth through the water. Here is what my playing over the past few months has taught me.

1) Do not overload, I put in a garden trowel or two of material at a time, unscreened.

2) Handle deep is deep enough. The first time out the water was so cold I was using just my finger trying not to freeze them off, have since learned that this gave me the best washout flow.

3) Dip the pan into the water handle hole deep to wet the material, with elbows on knees jiggle the material away and back then side to side, repeat until everything is a moving liquid slurry, adding a bit more water if the slurry is a bit thick. You want to be able to tell were the ribs of the mat are under the slurry.

4) If there is a mass of roots, dip the pan in the water and swish once in the direction for flow to carry the mass out the handle hole. Jiggle and swish again then a dunk swishing the pans length in the direction of flow, back a pan length then again in the flow direction. Swish, swish, swish, add another trowel or two and repeat.

5) Do NOT clean the mat off swishing it. Usually three passes will wash away enough material that most of the mat is uncovered while leaving the gold in the grooves still covered.

6) Clean out after every couple of buckets of material.

7) When putting the mat back in start at one side and press each set of ribs back into place to reduce the bowing under the mat.

 I have no real means to check how well I am doing other than my panning partner, one of “those” people who find a picker in the hole you just left, who has been getting lots of flakes from a hole but you get only colors. I let him take a pan from my hole then I average out my material cleaned vs gold at cleanout compared to what he got.

So no water flow needed and I am moving 4 to 5 times more material, getting 5 to 6 times more gold and it’s just so easy.

Jiggle jiggle, shake shake, swish, swish, swish. 

For the record I have used my flowpan on gravel, muck and sand and it has produced, yup sand too.

Thanks to James for the post and the effort.
Send us yours and we might feature it as well.
The GoldHog Team

For more info on the FlowPan visit: http://www.flowpan.com