Convert Raptor to Dredge

Written by DOC

Yes, the unit can be converted to a dredge.
We will have a new video up within the next few weeks.
However, it can run as a 2″ dredge or 2.5″.
If running as a 2″ an adapter fitting will fit through the main rear hole with a LITTLE sanding.
It is exactly 2″ and needs a touch of reduction.
If running as a 2.5″ you’ll need to mount if differently which we will show in the video.

In the picture below, you’ll notice that we are running as a 2.5″ dredge.  When we do this the adapter will NOT fit through the 2″ hose so we run the hose OVER the back plate. Please note, we do NOT sell any dredge conversions parts.

You can see how a dredge conversion is done in the video below. It’s a standard Raptor, but the same setup applies to a 2″ setup.

Dredge adapters are sold all over the place., so we do not sell them.
Also, we strongly recommend you use a HIGH PRESSURE pump, not a semi trash pump.
Like this one: