Gold Mining Math

Written by DOC

Let’s say the above pile of dirt is one yard / ton of pay. Within this pile lies 1 gram of gold or about $50 per yard as many would call it.  Your job as a miner is to get most of that gold out as quickly as possible.  It’s called “efficient mining” and it’s what all GOOD commercial mining ops understand.

We use the term EFFICIENT VOLUME and it’s what drives us in our product development.   Reducing the LABOR and TIME to process pay / dirt yet do so maintaining high capture rates even on SUPER fine gold.

If you had to screen / classify the entire pile to 1/8″ and run it through a unit with a small scoop… it would take you 2 days and you RETURN / income would be about $3 per hour.  (Pretty crappy job)   However, you could run that entire pile, unclassified, through our Raptor Flare in about an hour.  Making your RETURN / income almost $50 / hour.

This is what people learn once they start using our equipment…. WE DON’T MAKE TOYS.  With our equipment you can move more dirt EFFICIENTLY… and get more gold.

Whether it’s the SuperHog or the FlowPan, the same rule applies. STOP… wasting your time classifying and move more dirt.