Preparing Your Highbanker and Prospecting Trip Checklist

Written by DOC

Just thought I would jot down some thoughts as they may help you out.  Things that go through my mind regardless of the type of gold prospecting I’m doing.  Remember, it’s usually the ‘little things’ that ruin a trip.  Not mentioned in the video, here are a few more thoughts. Below is the video.

1- Your Health. 
Make sure… you start hydrating at least 24 hours before your trip. The human body requires at least that much time to fully hydrate. Drinking the “day of” your trip will not help as much as starting early.  When we run divers dredging, we require them to drink a full sports drink the night before and the morning of the dive.  I can’t tell you how many times divers have come up freaking out because their legs are cramping.  But also if you’re digging dirt, dehydration is a BIG problem.  Hydrate before, during, and after.  I don’t care if you eat… but drinking is a must.

2- Your Comfort. 
In the back of my truck I always have an extra set of full clothes, socks, towel, shoes, etc.  Nothing is worse than getting soaking wet and NOT having a change on hand.

3- Sunscreen and Bug Away 
The most deadly animal on earth? Yes, the mosquito. Ticks are also usually bad, so bring bug repellent.  The sun is probably the next thing we face as prospectors. The first thing I do when I arrive is put on sunscreen and bug repellent.

4- Tools
Not only tools but spare parts as well.