What Mats for Commercial Gold Sluice

Written by DOC

READ ALL and Read CAREFULLY……. then watch the video at the end. 

Answer this question…  What is   G ÷ W x SG x P x ST = X

We can’t answer it either… but it’s kind of what happens when people send us an email saying… I have a 10″ x 48″ sluice what mats should I use?

That simply is not enough data or info for us to offer advice.
It’s kind of like going to the DR and saying…. I’m sick… I need you to write a prescription.

To spec out ANY system or sluice we must determine the exact sluice energy and better understand the slurry running through it.

Things like what type of equipment do you have, the GPH running through it, gold size in your area, etc… are important.

EXAMPLE: I have a Keene Highbanker- 10″ wide, 48″ long, running a 2″ trash pump rated at 8000 gph, but I measured it and the actual gph going through the sluice is 6000 gph. Most of the gold is in the 50 – 100 mesh range. 

You don’t HAVE to send a video… but we need GOOD spec info to help you. 

The BEST THING YOU CAN DO…. is take a 30 second video on your phone or video camera, of you sluice / system running. If we can VISUALLY SEE the energy in your sluice, we can prescribe a matting config MUCH EASIER. Just step back hold the phone up and steady and let us see the water running through the system.
Also, if you are running any specialty “dirt” or slurry, let us know that as well.
We ALWAYS ASSUME that most people are concerned about capturing FINE GOLD.
(We get it.) We deal with it every day. Just make sure you describe any challenges you’re facing if they are unique.



I will STRONGLY recommend you shoot a 30 second video of your sluice with water running through it. That 30 seconds will answer more questions than you can imagine. You can upload it to youtube, send it via email, or send it via DROPBOX.com which is a free service we also use.
If you can’t get a video… then provide us with detail information. JUST VIDEO the sluice with material or water running through it. That’s really what we care about.

1) What type of equipment are you running?
Stream sluice? Highbanker? Dredge? Commercial Op?
Other details can be critical as well.
Example: if a dredge… crash box or flare?

2) Post the water ENERGY info.
Sluice WIDTH and gallons per inch running through the sluice. Just posting your PUMP gph is not often enough.

3) Post any other info that might be helpful. Such as problems that currently exist with your system.
Special material you are running, etc.

Remember… every single sluice in the entire world runs differently. If it’s not a difference in the equipment, then it might be the dirt being run. That is very important as well.

We speck out operations and individual’s and company’s equipment from all around the world 7 days a week. Whether it’s guy running a stream sluice by himself to a large corporate mining op with 20 plants each running 200 yards an hour. The needed info is the same.

Thanks… The Gold Hog Advisory Team